The Most Commonly Purchased Types Of Physical Silver

So you’re on one of these silver bullion websites. The first thing you notice is a bombardment of different silver products. You see all the flashy lights of a nonstop 24/7 commercial of shiny stuff. All the bells and whistles. Everything but the kitchen sink. Maybe a kitchen sink too, if you’re willing to buy it. What do you decide to spend your limited hard earned money on when there are seemingly unlimited offers to choose from? How do you know the difference between a good deal and a gimmick? And there are plenty of gimmicks trying to make an easy buck off of you.

Let’s take a look at the different categories of physical silver products readily available for purchase. I divide them into 4 categories:
Sovereign Coins
Generic Bars and Rounds
Proofs and Antiques

There’s a 5th category, which is constitutional silver. Its pros and cons will be discussed separately.

Let’s look at each of the first 4 categories in detail.

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