The Most Commonly Purchased Types Of Physical Silver

No precious metals collections would be complete without a few collectibles sprinkled in. These are generally going to be some very unique pieces, but will come straight out of the mint with astronomical prices from their authorized resellers. Collectibles aren’t really bought as a precious metals investment for spot price, they are bought for the artwork which happens to be a precious metal.

Rule of thumb: be extremely picky when buying collectibles! The massive premiums that are paid up front will most likely severely limit its upside growth. Every once in a while a collectible will have big demand and the prices can climb dramatically higher. But most coins and rounds with huge premiums will stagnate in value for at least long stretches of time. My recommendation is to not buy collectibles with the intention or belief that it can be flipped for an immediate profit. Buy it only because the art is incredible and “speaks to you” and it is a must have item. And even then, be extra picky because a lot of these collectible rounds are beautiful but once it is in your possession, it will just be shoved into a drawer rarely to be seen again (with the rest of all those other “must haves”).

Here are a few examples of collectibles:

Odin Legends of Asgard 3 Oz Coin by Choice Mint

Incredible high relief

Metatron – The Choir of Angels 2 Oz Coin

Artificial Intelligence – Code of the Future 2 Oz Coin by the Mint of Poland

The Artificial Intelligence coin glows in the dark!

Guy Fawkes Mask – Cook Islands Coin

Next time, I’ll discuss miscellanous physical silver as well as constitutional silver. For now, this should provide a good summary of what can commonly be bought on silver bullion websites. Have fun and take your time adding to your collection. As much as these websites want you to, don’t try to buy everything. You probably can’t afford it.

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