Silver Shield – A Unique and Revolutionary Art Series

With the wild 2016 election having finally ended, one of the highly anticipated series of rounds for 2017 will focus on the Death of the Dollar. 2017 looks to have a lineup of several exciting rounds to be released.

Dollar Dragon from Death of the Dollar series.

Then there’s the welcome departure to something with a more positive message, the Eternal Wisdom Series.

The Eternal Wisdom Series, including the initially unwanted and now in high demand Enso proof.

“Historically Significant and Meaningful Messages on Eternal Metal”
Every Silver Shield collector has certain rounds that resonate with them more than others. I’ve shown a few of the ones I like in particular, out of a vast body of Silver Shield art pieces that’s filled with unique and captivating work. Chris Duane executes his signature vision of the brand to provide what he calls “historically significant and meaningful messages on eternal metal”. Anticipating what thought provoking designs come next is part of the fun, and Mr Duane keeps the bar set pretty high.

The Silver Shield Universe Continues to Expand
Imitation is the highest form of flattery. If someone’s copying you, you’re doing something right. But plagiarism is a bad way to do business, and I quickly recognized early on that the relatively new Silver Shield brand barely created in 2011 already had fakes being made! To help new collectors avoid these fake rounds, the Silver Shield Guide was created by a loyal Silver Shield Group member who meticulously organizes every single official release. I used the Guide early and often to make sure to avoid the fakes being pumped out, as well as explore which of the older rounds I wanted to obtain from the more senior, established members. The Guide’s website continues to be an incredible resource, and for those who prefer, a hard copy with information on every Silver Shield release is also available in the Guide Shop. Some of the older releases can be purchased in the Guide Shop as well.

Due to high demand from worldwide Group members looking for alternative ways to facilitate transactions with one another, Limited Silver Strikes was birthed and launched as an alternative auction style website. Anyone can register, and anything can be bought, sold, or requested. But there is a high concentration of older Silver Shield rounds that are also available for bidding and purchasing.

SD Bullion is the biggest dealer I found that carries a nice variety of public Silver Shield rounds. There’s a great selection to take your time and browse through, and the prices to purchase are very reasonable. It’s a pretty good depiction of what the Silver Shield art would look like and what the message is about. Take a look at them here: – Homepage

And of course, we know some may want to Join the Silver Shield Group. We’re a fun loving, like minded, happy-go-lucky, hand holding, Kumbaya singing, “Everything is Awesome” kind of community that no one can resist. And we enjoy long walks on the beach. Ah who am I kidding, Dysfunction is our middle name, we’re cranky, we complain to each other all the time, and we’re mainly just here to stack the┬álatest Members Only releases and go along for the ride.

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