The Pros And Cons Of Constitutional Silver

How To Value Constitutional Silver
In normal times, general consensus is there’s slightly better value in larger coins like half dollars and quarters over dimes, as it’s easier to examine the coin’s condition and date. Some dealers may be willing to pay a little more for the larger coins. This however is probably a very minor value add, as dimes are still as much 90% silver as half dollars and quarters. And of course, if societal chaos reared its ugly head, small silver increments in dimes would be great to have (to go along with canned foods and ammo). All else being equal, and if there’s an opportunity to do so, obviously try to get the best quality coins available. A poor conditioned or cull coin is certainly less attractive, and a dealer may eventually give a slight discount on cull coins. ┬áThese coins will still retain their inherent value of silver.

To calculate how much actual silver in troy ounces are in a dime, quarter, or half dollar, take a look at The site is extremely well done and will provide the amount of silver in each piece and the value updated to current spot price.

Constitutional Silver definitely has its place in a diversified precious metals collection. It’s relatively cheap and easily divisible into small denominations. Its widely recognizable trait also makes it a great option as a potential future medium of exchange. And therein lies the key: Constitutional Silver should be reasonably liquid in almost all scenarios and should be a part of any collection.

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