Blueberry Pancakes!

Some people say to mix in the blueberries in the pancake batter and then pour it in at the same time. But I prefer to get the batter cooking first, until the bubbles from the batter start to come up. Maybe after 30 seconds to a minute. Then drop the blueberries in. If the blueberries are kind of sitting on top of the pancake while it’s cooking, I’ll push them in with my finger. Flip the pancake over, but don’t cook it too long. That will make the blueberries juicier with more flavor, and the pancake won’t have holes in it from the blueberries. We prefer fresh blueberries, and you can get the antioxidants, vitamin C, and definitely less sugar rather than using blueberry marmalade. Use your choice of pancake batter, whatever you prefer.

Butter makes everything tasty, but we try to avoid it as much as possible. So I just use the cooking spray. We add a little bit of maple syrup for sweetness.